01 February 2010

Muffin Massacre

I'm heading into work a little late today since all of the streets around my place are solid sheets of ice. I had an unfortunate meeting between the street and my butt earlier today while walking Ellie.

Also filed under unfortunate would be this morning's baking experience. I figured, since I'm sitting in my kitchen working from home, why not be working from home with fresh baked goods? I started working on making some zucchini muffins which I have been threatening to make for a couple days now. I was feeling pretty full of myself. Last night, I made a lasagna, which turned out wonderfully. It was hearty and delicious and made sans recipe. So, when muffin-time came, I thought that I should use my creative license. I gathered my ingredients...and I was short one vital thing: eggs. So, in addition to trying to halve a recipe, I was also trying to substantially modify it.

Readers, I will go ahead and confirm your suspicions: muffin fail.

I really didn't follow many of the measurements too closely, and I REALLY went out on a limb as far as the egg substitution was concerned. I used applesauce and mayonnaise. Let's not even talk about it.

To answer your other questions: No, I did not taste them. I threw them away. Sadness.

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I hope you are ok after the fall on the ice. Ouch. That is one reason I live in the desert.