16 February 2010

sinkable In-Sink-Erator.

It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday! I had some house related drama this morning. After a late night of spreadsheeting for work, I woke up to my dirty kitchen. Upon cleaning the kitchen, I discovered that my garbage disposal - an In-Sink-Erator - is very much sinkable. When I turn it on, it makes a noise that indicates that power is getting to it, but it will not grind, chew, gnaw, etc. I discovered this at an inopportune time, as I'd already started dumping grindable bits into the sink. Sadness.

After resetting, tickling and fisting my In-Sink-Erator, I left for work nearly an hour later than normal.

I suppose this is one of those things that folks call "the joys of home ownership."

Normally, the kitchen wouldn't have bothered me so much, but in just over 48 hours, my mom is coming to visit. She has seen the new house, but I like everything to be clean and tidy to begin with. Clean, tidy and nasty dirty reject garbage disposal do not all go together.

She hasn't met Ellie yet, and I can't wait for them to meet!

And, at work, I'm prepping for traveling to NYC next week. I can't wait to get to see a couple of my friends! Woo!


herding tapeworms said...

did you really get a dog or is this a cardboard cutout that you reposition throughout your house? all she does is sleep!

Grumpy Editor said...

Cute picture!

I feel your pain. I hate discovering something home related is wrong and then realizing that I have no landlord or property manager to call to fix it. =(