22 February 2010

Spring Cleaning and Baking

Despite my mom having tried to feed my cat to my furnace, we had a very productive weekend. Ok, ok, no...not really. For some reason, my mom always helps to inspire my sense of pride in home-ownership. She makes me want to reorganize pantries and reseed yards. Those aren't quite the tasks that we finished this weekend.

Here are a few things that got accomplished this weekend:
- fixed the garbage disposal
- changed all of my air filters - small, but important
- reorganized/tidied my garage (Ellie helped, as you can see above)
- bought a shop vac for sweeping the garage, my car, cleaning upholstery, etc
- taped off the spare bedroom for painting
- bought painting supplies for the spare bedroom
- mopped the kitchen
- cleaned and mopped the master bath
- cleaned out the refrigerator
- cleaned out my car
- finally threw away the vertical blinds that were in my kitchen, that I pulled down and set on the deck when we painted my kitchen in mid-January
- made JJ's chickpea, kale and cauliflower masterpiece
- made black-bottomed cupcakes
- made a spinach strata
- made a tarte tatin
- changed a flat tire and got the flat fixed

Sadly, during all of this productivity, my food processor, Hilda has taken ill. While making the crust for the Tarte Tatin off of Smitten Kitchen, she stopped working not even a quarter of the way through pulsing the dough. I hardly knew what to do with myself. I consulted the manual. I followed the toubleshooting instructions. It seems to me that she had overheated, but she's hardly done any work for me at all. I called Cuisinart and they agreed that she wasn't working to her potential. Come next week, I'll be sending her in for a check-up.

Thankfully though, she did get me through my tarte tatin, which is one of the finest things I've ever eaten. Nothing says superior cooking like an upside down caramelized apple tarte!

I followed the basic instructions on Smitten Kitchen, but my best option for pans was smaller than the guest blogger, Molly's. I had a hard time NOT trying to eat the flaming hot caramel from the pan while my apples boiled in it.

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Grumpy Editor said...

Wow! I accomplished nothing but eating lots of oatmeal raisin cookies (that I did not bake).