12 February 2010


They are calling for snow again. After the last snow, I was done. I was hoping that NC wouldn't get anymore snow this winter. However...since my amazing mother sent me Yak Trak love, I am actually looking forward to NOT eating pavement this time!

Speaking of Mom...last time I talked to her, she was up to her ears in snow. I thought of sending her a puzzle of a snow-covered Baltimore, but knew she'd chuck it out into the snow without appreciating the humor. I sent her her birthday present early to help cope with cabin fever. That being said, it hasn't yet arrived due to adverse weather conditions. Hah - figures.

So, in the spirit of snow, do a little chant for us down in the Triangle that we may get at least a dusting!

On another note entirely, the bearded giant and I are hoping to head out to Saving Grace this weekend, which is where Ellie came from. I think picking up dog poo, schlepping dog supplies and interacting with some great dogs sounds like a blast.

Check out their website if you get a chance:

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