29 March 2010

Let the Gardening Begin!

The Bearded Giant and I started planning out this summer's garden this weekend. We hadn't really discussed it before, but we were definitely on the same page. My fenced in yard isn't huge by any stretch of the imagination. To complicate that, Ellie does like run all over the place, so we've had to figure out ways to work around her. The bearded giant accompanied me to a couple garden supply type places this weekend. Now, I think we know what we're going to do.

Initially, I'd thought that I would get a prefabricated raised bed garden. The problem was that most of the individual walls for those were either 3' or 4'. Ideally, I want to have my raised bed garden along the length of the fence. I'm aiming for something along the lines of 2'x6'. I'm aiming to do 1'x1' plots of a number of different items. With the help of Gardener's Supply's "Kitchen Garden Planner", I was able to get a better sense of what I could grow in the space I have available to me.

See below for a the layout.

While out and about this weekend, I got the majority of what I needed to either plant seedlings or grow from seed everything in the above grid. I also went ahead and purchased a dwarf Japanese maple tree. I have a very, very dead Norfolk Pine in the backyard that the previous owners planted and failed to take care of. It was deceased when I arrived at the house. This maple tree will take the place of the aforementioned deceased pine. We're not quite ready to plant it yet. I'm in the process of composting in order to use the compost both in the garden AND as a soil conditioner for the tree.

Until we're out of danger of frost, I've got a ton of plants in my kitchen ready to be planted. I assume that in the next few weeks, the bearded giant and I will assemble our raised bed garden and get it ready for the planting season.

As soon as I get a chance, I'll take a picture of the jungle that is my kitchen!

Tomato (1)Tomato (1)Sugar Snap Peas (6-8)Sugar Snap Peas (6-8)Summer Squash or Zucchini (1)Summer Squash or Zucchini (1)
Cilantro (3) & Italian Parsley (1) & Curly Parsley (1)Basil (2)Lettuce (4)Arugula (3-6) & Bok Choy (1)Yellow Pepper (1) & Scotch Bonnet (1)Red Pepper (1)

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Grumpy Editor said...

Sounds fab! What are Scotch Bonnets?