26 April 2010

Baking, planting and building, oh my.

Sometimes, when I think back to my weekends, I get jealous of Past Me for getting to be stuck in the awesome memory.

After work on Friday, I went out with some folks to go dancing at Mosaic in downtown Raleigh. I've really only been to two, maybe three Raleigh bars...seems that the bearded giant and I always go to the same places. I don't mind it, but it was nice exploring someplace new. There was belly dancing, which was interesting...and then the music turned to salsa and merengue. Very fun...and slightly uncoordinated, on my part.

On Saturday, the bearded giant had a tasting, as he does nearly every weekend. I headed down to the wine shop to deliver some coffee to him. I was amazed at how terrible the traffic was. I had forgotten that in addition to it being World Beer Fest, it was the re-opening of the North Carolina Art Museum. People were out en mass. After that, I headed to Lowe's which was filled with middle-aged homeowners wandering around aimlessly and getting in my way. I did manage to be successful...among my spoils: compost, peat, vermiculite, lumber, a drill, more cilantro, clematis, climbing hydrangea, pruning shears and a tarp. Woo. Having gone by myself to Lowe's, I sort of wished that I either had a parent or a friend (Jiff, JJ - this means you) to come and play adult homeowner with me. Bottom line, at the end of the day, it's nice to have a bearded giant to bring you flowers and make you dinner while you plot out your garden.

Sunday was a day of baking, mimosas and raised bed gardens. The bearded giant and I put our handy-work skills and our green thumbs together to work on the yard, build the raised beds, mix the soil, and plot out our next project. It was exhausting and I'm sore, but the good and satisfying sore that you get from lifting and heaving and shoveling and building.

At the end of the day, I was happy to go to a friend's potluck to share some amazing food with some great company. While I had wrestled with my contribution to the potluck earlier in the day, I felt that it was worth sharing. I modified this recipe a little bit...if you look at the picture I posted and compare it to this one, you'll understand my frustration. Nonetheless, it was delicious!

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