06 April 2010

Garden Dorkiness

At work, I am counting down until the biggest time of the year - Reunion! I feel that there's a lot less stress this year because this will be the third Reunion cycle that our team has been through together...except for little Anna. This is only her second. It just seems that we're geared for success. I've enjoyed my committees, and I've enjoyed our recently developed online volunteer center, which makes managing volunteers a lot easier.

Despite all that I have going on at work, and all of the building excitement...I spend every day wishing I was at home. Sure, buying a house can do that. I realize. My humble abode is my paradise, my castle, my comfort zone, my favorite pub. Things got exponentially worse when the weather got nicer. Wait a second. It's not what you're thinking. Sure, my friends and I will occasionally compare notes about how much we want to escape the office to go sit in the sun under the wisteria, or walk around Duke Gardens. That's not what I mean! I want to be at home IN MY GARDEN.

Each day, I sit inside my over-conditioned office wishing I could watch my zucchini sprouts grow. I've been concerned about the cross pollination between zucchini and yellow squash...I have both, and I was hoping to save seeds from this year's plants to use next year. The problem: if cross pollination occurs, I'll have a cross of grey zucchini and crook neck squash. That's gonna be one ugly squash. I guess I'm thankful I am not growing acorn squash, which can also cross pollinate despite being a different species.

It's hard focusing at work where everyone wants to talk about basketball and I'm thinking about escaping to build a raised bed garden, till the soil, make some compost, plant some seedlings and start enjoying my Sun Gold Tomatoes sooner rather than later. (Sadly, the Sun Gold's are still germinating so that's a long way away!)

And, languishing in my closet, while I clean, bake, walk my dog and garden is my Gocco. I still hope to start making some cards and such with the Gocco...as soon as I have some time...

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