27 April 2010

garden, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah

Last night, in addition to making a kick-ass frittata, I did MORE gardening. Who knew this blog was going to be about gardening. (To be honest, I have actually knit recently! That's a step in the right direction!)

After weeks and weeks, I finally got my strawberries into a giant (fake) whiskey barrel. They're on my deck safe from yard bugs and critters and are currently basking in glorious afternoon sunlight. I think they probably miss me and want me to eat them. Well, regardless, I want to eat them. I used to hate strawberries (a seed thing), but they've grown on me a lot recently. I also finally got my thai basil into a hanging pot to be paired with the sweet basil which is currently hanging.

Tonight, after work, I'll be doing even more. It's clematis and climbing hydrangea time. The bearded giant and I will be, at the very least, planting them together in a giant pot... We might get into planting things in the garden too.

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Beth said...

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