12 April 2010

Grill + Hammock = Happiness

A significant portion of my weekend was spent much like this:

I think the bearded giant likes me more when I'm relaxing and not cleaning and tidying and cooking. Despite having relaxed a good deal this weekend, I also managed to scrub down my bathrooms, mop my kitchen floor, and put away all of my laundry. The bearded giant helped me with my tidying and with the garden duties...and of course with the grill. He helped with the transportation of and cooking with. It was lovely. TGFG - Thank goodness for grills!

We got a lot done this weekend...farmer's market, Logan's Trading Company, grill shopping, grocery shopping, hardware store playing... And yet, still relaxing.

I'm geared up for next weekend which is my biggest weekend at work. It's Reunion weekend! Woo. Since I work on our Reunion program, I'll be busy over the next week preparing to welcome everyone back to Durham for this year's Reunion.

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Grumpy Editor said...

Dang! That's a big grill. I am envious of both the grill and the hammock. Sounds like a perfect weekend.