14 April 2010

A little more baking...

Well, I had quite a long day today, but that didn't deter me. I finally put together Smitten Kitchen's Bakewell Tart. I didn't have an offset spatula to smooth out the top, but to be honest, that in no way shape or form affects the taste. It's really rather amazing. To me, it seems less of a dessert tart and more of a breakfast tart.

That being said, the bearded giant and I just can't continue to eat the baked goods that I put forth. So, I am going to share with my office. We're counting down to Reunion and I think that everyone could probably use some baked goodness.

It's almondy, it's berry-y. I swapped out the red raspberry jam in favor of black raspberry jam (seedless, of course). I can't wait for a second piece.

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