23 April 2010

soft butter is best

I stayed home from work yesterday because I wasn't feeling good. That being said, I worked a longer day than I normally do. It's both a blessing and a curse that we can access our database from home. I pulled data ALL day long - 8am until 7:30pm. That's how long it took me to accomplish 1/5 of a project that I was working on. It was satisfying to finish up since it means I can move forward with my portion of our strategic plan today. Woo. Does enjoying planning make me a dork?

Often, when I work from home, I enjoy it because I work outside or I do laundry while I'm working. Yesterday, I worked straight through with only a few breaks to let the dog out, get the mail and refresh my coffee. I think I might be crazy.

After I finished working, though, I made dinner for the bearded giant (who has recently trimmed his beard to an unacceptably short level.) And then the baking ensued. I rarely refrigerate all of my butter, because I often need it at room temperature for baking...or frozen...so I keep some in the freezer too. It's true though...soft butter is best. Last night, on a whim, I decided to make some cookies...cookies that my friends and I used to make and consume all the time (JJ, Liz, you both know these cookies). I did two batches - oatmeal chocolate chip...and oatmeal blanched almond. Both were great...for breakfast.

If you need the recipe, let me know...I'm happy to share it.

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