17 May 2010

Adventures in Stupidity and Tick Bites

I'm listening to the sounds of today's gentle rain tapping on my work window. It's pretty soothing. I'm definitely enjoying the rain that we're getting today and that we got this weekend. This winter was both snowy and rainy...and the beginning of the spring made me think I didn't want to see another rainy day. I've been on the flip side of that. For the last month and a bit, I haven't really seen rain. I've been telling my mom I didn't believe in rain anymore. My water bill has been high as I've had to water my garden each night after work. Thankfully our dry spell has broken...we've had a few good rains over the last 2 days and nights.

The garden has certainly been benefiting from the rain, and possibly from the season. Last Sunday, I planted several Delicata squash seeds...which have sprouted and are now about 5" tall. A WEEK - 5" IN A WEEK! That's amazing. Tis the Season!

I finally opened up the KitchenAid.

I haven't used it, but I did play around with it and check out all of the pieces...and went online to look at all of the accouterments.

While it felt like the bearded giant and I didn't do much this weekend, we actually did. Sunday night, my friend Katie came over with her adorable son. We had dinner together and then just hung out chatting and catching up after he'd gone to bed. On Saturday morning, Katie, the bearded giant and I all walked the Cystic Fibrosis 5k - Great Strides. It was a ton of fun, and Katie's friends that we walked with were all very nice. After the 5k, we went to Escazu Chocolates. They recently moved their shop, and it's awesome. I highly recommend their Strawberry Balsamic!

After that fun, and a nap...I headed into work for Duke Law's commencement. The head of the FBI, Robert Muller, gave a really well crafted and interesting address to the to-be graduates.

At that point, I was ready to head home and relax, but I had a really inflamed tick bite that I was concerned about. I headed over to Urgent Care for the 2nd time in 2 weeks to have them check a tick bite. The doctor was kind and was able to ascertain that I had a tick mandible stuck in the wound, which was causing much of the irritation. He did prescribe the antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease just in case. Argh.

As for Sunday, the bearded giant and I didn't do much during the day, but in the evening, we headed to dinner and to see Wicked at DPAC. The show was great - and so were the seats. We were only about 20 feet from the stage! Afterward, however, we returned to the car to find that while I had put "The Club" on my car before the show, I didn't actually have the key with me. To the tune of $55, we took a cab back to Raleigh and I caught a ride to my car this morning from a coworker. Several coworkers have argued that with my old, beat-up '97 Honda, I needn't use "The Club" at all...because no one wants my car. Ugh. Probably true! What's life without a little adventure.

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Dana said...

Ew. I have an irritated tick bite, but hydrogen peroxide seems to be making the swelling go away. Hate those things. Ick.