05 May 2010

cloches, ginkos and seedlings, oh my.

It seems to me that night gardening is the way of the future. For the last few nights, I've been digging in the dirt well after it got dark. Last night, I wasn't alone - my next door neighbor was working in his newly constructed raised bed garden late into the night as well. It seems that all of my gardening is putting my neighbors to shame. The new kid on the block, shows up and creates the raised bed garden that they've been talking about doing for a couple years. Doesn't look so good. :)

Over the past few months, I've been been planning out my garden while my seeds were growing. Seeds, which were, sadly, started later than they should have been. I am 95% of the way finished planting my garden. I need to hang a nasturtium and borage filled planter from my fence...and I need to plant my peas, marigolds, beets and radishes. I think I can do most of that tonight.

There you have it. That's the plan. The implementation is nearly complete and all of my friends are currently housed under faux cloches/bell jars. I spent Monday night and Tuesday morning searching through my neighbors recycle bins for plastic water, soda and juice containers to cover up my little veggies. Having started late seeding them, some are quite small. I have garden fabric to help prevent bugs and animals destroying them, but this gives me a little more assurance that they'll get to a decent size. If you click on the picture below, I've included a rough estimation of where and what things are.

I hadn't really thought about cloches until I recommended them to my friend JJ as a potential solution to a lettuce problem she was having. I started doing some google searching and came across this blog post: Roscommon Acres. I'd just been banking on covering the bed in gardening fabric. But...until the veggies are a little taller, that's maybe not the best idea. In the meantime, my tiny seedlings can feel comfy and warm in their little bottles.

One more random gardening-related link: Grow onions from discarded onion bottoms.

And two last things - 1. Miss Ellie has been very under the weather this week. Despite being good at the vet's where she was boarded this weekend, she's come home with an upset gastrointestinal tract. Poor little thing has had to be taken out every 30 minutes for the last 2 days. She's starting to feel better now that she's got some medicine from the vet and a lot of rice in her. And 2. check out this awesome necklace that the bearded giant gave me. Who doesn't love ginkgo trees?

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Anna said...

A good doggie probiotic can help tons too. Unfortunatel we have alot of experience with upset dog tummys!