02 May 2010

it's not the glass, it's the beverage

I am dreading going to work tomorrow. It's not the job, I assure you. It's the fact that I won't be traveling back in time, enjoying brick houses, English gardens and eating colonial fare. That will be tragic.

The bearded giant and I had an amazing time in Colonial Williamsburg. There was good food, there was sunshine, there was Dom PĂ©rignon...there were also plastic cups. Classy. It's always nice to get to share Colonial Williamsburg with someone who likes it as much as me and my mom. :)

I must admit, as hard as it was to leave Ellie at the vet for boarding...it was nice having a respite from dog duties. If only she'd get up past 7am on the weekends, I'd be so much happier. But, now, I'm home with Ellie and Luther and my seedlings. Once I've regained my momentum, I'll post some pictures from the weekend.

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Dana said...

Oh, what fun! Glad you had such a wonderful time.