23 May 2010

Ninny vs. Bocconcini

I took Friday off from work to play with my mom. If you read the previous post, then you know about our efforts to grill every meal this weekend. It went pretty well. Hamburgers, french toast, BBQ chicken, salmon on cedar planks...but today we fell off the wagon a bit. I think part of the problem was that we were all sorts of stuffed from yesterday's endeavors.

As I said to my mother this afternoon, any weekend where you make it to Logan's (the best garden shop in town - with the best prices) more than once is a good weekend. In addition to getting some coleus and coreopsis for the front beds, we also got some good advice about my fig tree which hasn't been looking so well these days. We also ate and ate, and ate.

Yesterday morning, immediately following the success of the grilled french toast, I started working on a Lemon Tart (picture above, recipe to follow). It was pretty easy and was really rather pretty when I was done with it. Then there was the beast of a baking project, which I started just before dinner and finished at nearly 11:00pm: Bocconcini Stuffed Mediterranean Bacon Pull Aparts. You can find the recipe here, but I originally found it through The Fresh Loaf's blog section.

It was a beast from start to finish. The ingredients weren't really cheap...and the prep time alone was HOURS and HOURS. (And for those who don't know, Bocconcini are tiny balls of mozzarella. ) Those of you who know me know that my determination (stubbornness) and lack of ability to ask for help are debilitating at times, but I prevailed last night and asked, nay, BEGGED for help. Thankfully, with the help of my mom and the bearded giant, we finished assembling the thing. When it came out of the oven, it was heavenly - unlike anything I've ever made. It weighed nearly 5 lbs, and was worth it's weight in calories. There were several snafus in ingredients - instead of a cup and a half of grated Parm, we used THE ENTIRE CONTAINER. And the butter/bacon grease mixture - don't even get me started on that.

In the end, there was no real pulling apart to be done. If you know monkey bread, you know how each segment delightfully pulls off the one below leaving you with a special, amazing, bite-sized morsel. We were ripping off hunks the size of apples, and were quickly (and sadly) stuffed. It's filling, rich and overwhelmingly and obviously caloric. While I won't make it again, I am starting to learn my baking boundaries. And today, when I started assembling ingredients for a loaf of homemade bread, the bearded giant and my mother staged an intervention.

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Grumpy Editor said...

Good Lord! That thing is huge!