13 May 2010


A great cause of stress over the last few weeks has been the remaining seedlings in my kitchen. Most had made their way into the garden, but not all. In addition to the seedlings, the bearded giant and I had a Scotch Bonnet Pepper that needed to make its way outside, some marigolds and some annual seeds for the bed with the Hellebore and the Rosemary. It's all done. Saturday afternoon, the giant and I worked our butts off in the yard! He weedwacked the lawn - it's not quite big enough to warrant a lawnmower, especially considering how little grass I actually have. So, after weedwacking, he seeded the lawn. We bought grass seed a while ago...it's the kind that will grow anywhere...the dark, underground, in caves, without water, etc. Hopefully, with a little love and affection, perhaps I can have a grassy knoll to enjoy.

Theoretically, I could have a nice yard sometime soon, which would be nice to match my cute little garden.

Speaking of gardens and seedlings, I started my last batch of seedlings for the year. I got some Delicata winter squash. I've got one small space left, and since winter squash are vining...it should be able to climb up a trellis. I planted it on Sunday...and it's already got a centimeter tall sprout. Seems like the season's right for growing.

Now, if only we'd get some rain...

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