14 May 2010

Unwanted visitor.

This has been a week of visitors. I was happy to welcome my friend Luke and his buddy Lee into my home for a brief respite on their cross-country bicycle ride. They spent Monday night with me after a hellaciously long bike ride - 115 miles.

Tuesday night, my dad came through town. He and his wife are riding down to the Florida Keys with their new Airstream trailer. I think it's a 2008. It's pretty swanky to be honest - certainly nicer than some apartments I've had (anyone remember the porch?) It was great catching up with him since I hadn't seen him in a few months. They had their adorable nearly-year-old Boston Terrier with them. He was so cute and happy - I wanted to eat him up. And, despite the fact that my birthday is in August, my dad brought me my gift early - an awesome KitchenAid mixer.

I have a KitchenAid mixer...it was my PopPop's, if that tells you anything. And to further shed some light on the subject - he passed away when I was in elementary school. It's not swanky and it doesn't work very well. It overheats...and if I'm working with anything that is denser than the consistency of whole milk, it creeps up the beaters faster than I know how to handle.

I haven't even unpacked the new KitchenAid yet. I'll tell you why - it weighs 25 lbs. Crazy. I pulled a muscle in my neck...so, it's sitting in my entry way until that feels better. Once we've gotten started working together, I'll give it a name. I hope that Hilda will like the KitchenAid (I'm unsure if it's a boy or a girl.) I've already got high hopes for usage: Bocconcini Stuffed Mediterranean Bacon Pull Aparts. I don't even know what the hell that is, but it looks amazing.

Luke, my dad and the new mixer - those were all wanted and welcome visitors.

Last night, while tending to my garden, I found a stink bug. NOT OK. Now that is what I call an unwanted visitor. I really had to do some researching because my bug sort of looks like the one in that picture, but a lot more camouflaged. It's a young one. Boo. Seems like I'm gonna be spending my time looking for eggs, crushing those eggs and then doing preventative work in the garden on Sunday. I was bummed to find him in my plants for a couple reasons...1) I just don't want him there and 2) I was so distracted when I found him that I burnt the kebabs that I was grilling! :(

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