28 June 2010

Awesome Giveaway

I have been lusting after these bags forEVER: https://www.namasteinc.com/

I am psyched - J. Leigh Designz is having a giveaway for a Namaste bag of your choice! You can click the first link to get to all the particulars of the giveaway, but it's fabulous!

Namaste has the best knitting bags and handbags! Now one could be yours for just a little effort and no money!

Personally, I'm a huge fan of The Monroe.


Grumpy Editor said...

That bag is fabulous! I love the orange.

Jadielady said...

The Monroe looks gorgeous, but I've yet to see one in person. It would have to fit my work laptop for me to be able to justify it, especially since I kind of have 2 other Namaste bags I don't use anymore.
I'm really looking forward to the new ones though!