08 June 2010

Is it last weekend yet?

Well, I've successfully made it through Monday and into Tuesday. At our office, we always think of Tuesdays as worse than Mondays. At least on Monday, you're still high and happy from the weekend. Luckily, my weekend was good enough that I'm still happy.

I flew back from Chicago on Friday. I had the best time visiting with Jiff and exploring the city. She has the most amazing bakery right near her house: Bleeding Heart Bakery. I enjoyed a lovely little cup of coffee and delicious tea cake there. We also had dinner together at a great restaurant (with a terrible name), Brown Trout. It's a small restaurant with mediocre decor, but an amazing menu.

Once I got back to town though, the bearded giant and I got to spend a lovely weekend together. Friday, we relaxed at home together and watched the movie "Charlie Bartlett." If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's a sort of modern day Ferris Bueller. I loved it, and I laughed and cried.

Saturday, we spent the day doing some shopping at Logan's Trading Company. I had to make some tough decisions about the garden. There were a few plants that weren't thriving, so I decided that I should try pulling them up and planting some seedlings that were a little more advanced and stronger. I planted about half of them in the garden before nearly expiring because of the heat and humidity. We rounded out the evening with a delicious pasta dish that the giant made, while watching "Body Heat." I'd never seen it. It was an excellent movie.

Sunday, the bearded giant had a day full of surprises for me. We left the house at noon and headed over to the newly renovated North Carolina Museum of Art. They have some lovely stuff there and the building itself is beautiful. After that, we had lunch at Cafe Caturra, which opened only a few weeks ago, but has quickly become a favorite of the giant's and mine. We did a little bit of shopping and headed on to the last stop for the day - Frankie's Fun Park. We played a little mini-golf (I lost) and skeeball (everyone wins!) It was lovely.

And then, even better - he made me a stellar meal! Oh - and he brought me flowers. He's such a rockstar.

Boy, I wish I could go back to the weekend. It was so lovely and relaxing.

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