18 June 2010

Off to a Bad Start

My morning didn't start well. I woke up, took Ellie for a walk and had brekkie. I needed to apply some GardenDust to a few remaining caterpillars in my garden and water the yard. While traipsing around outside, Ellie dessicated a bag full of dirty cat litter and chicken packaging. Now, my kitchen is unusually malodorous.

And then, en route to work, I managed to dump coffee down my nice pink polo shirt. So, here I sit in my office in a coworker's sweatshirt waiting for my polo shirt to dry. Hand-washing has really lost it's charm for me.

I'm hoping that the weekend will get better from here. Yay for Fridays. I managed to nearly finish my second Baby Surprise Jacket last night while making my way through more episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Thank you Netflix for great Watch Instantly options!) This weekend, I'm hoping to continue knitting, relaxing and actually get some baking done. I am going to be baking Lace Cookies...I can't wait!

And lastly, I baked a little the other day for a friend. I really wish that I could eat it...delicious.

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