27 June 2010

Poppy Horns

While the giant is away this weekend, and the rest of the country is watching the World Cup, I've been cleaning. I cleaned my house top to bottom on Friday and Saturday, and today, I'm going through yet unpacked boxes finding stuff that I didn't know I had and stuff that I really need to get rid of. My pile for the thrift store is ever growing, as is my hunger. This afternoon, my friend Lindsay came over and together we did a little baking. Meet my Poppy Horns. They are simple, delicious and the crumb was an amazing, even texture. Light and fluffy and I can't wait to make them again.

These days, I live for the weekends. Owning a house makes life so difficult. There's nothing I'd rather do than hang out at my house. I don't have to be doing anything to be happy...I just like my house that much. And now that my tomato plants are producing and my strawberry plant is too (I got a dozen strawberries today!), it's like a daily experiment in gardening.

I've spent a lot of time this week admiring my plants, baking (another tarte tatin and today's baking fun) and knitting. I'm making good progress on my February Baby Sweater, which I'm hoping to finish tonight.

Among the things that I unearthed while going through the boxes in my office were the yarn for my mother's sweater and for the giant's sweater. The giant's sweater has been sitting out and has progressed right along (albeit slowly), the I didn't have a clue where the extra yarn was. Mom's (Christmas) sweater remains an inch long... After this baby sweater is done, I'm on to working on those projects.

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