16 June 2010


I always say to the giant that I don't read the news because it makes me cry. And it does. Often. I'm pretty sensitive. I have to change the channel during Hallmark commercials, or when there are ads for the Humane Society. Reading about the oil spill makes me cry every and has since the first wind of it hit the news.

And, again, today, I cry.

Today, finally, North Carolina legislators agree that anyone who would torture, starve, or kill an animal should face jail time. The North Carolina state Senate unanimously approved increasing the punishment for animal abuse and cruelty. After being signed into law by Gov. Perdue, animal abuse will have been reclassified and upgraded to a Class I felony.


Susie is a pit bull mix who was beaten, set on fire and lefto to die in Greensboro last year. Susie's owner, LaShawn Whitehead, who left her to die, was charged with felony animal cruelty and burning personal property. Personal property - can you believe that???

Susie survived and is happy, alive and well-adjusted. She doesn't have ears, and she has extensive scarring, but the state has done right by her in approving this very important change.

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