22 June 2010

Weekend Roundup

Per usual, I had another baking adventure this weekend - Black and White Cookies and Lace Cookies. The Black and Whites were amazing. I'm not a huge cookie person - and I've never had a Black and White cookie that I liked. I always think they're somewhat dry and perhaps too shortbread-y. The Lace Cookies were another story all together. The did NOT behave as they were supposed to in the oven so I had to modify my later batches in order to make them a bit more edible.

Here are the modified Lace Cookies - this picture is before I smeared melted chocolate on them to make Lace Cookie sandwiches.

And the Black and White Cookies. Delicious! They were a bit of a pain as I had to pipe them with a pastry bag.

All of this baking has been a constant source of turmoil in my relationship with the bearded giant. He blames me for his weight gain - but I assure you, I've not force fed him anything. But, in an effort to right that wrong, we've been cutting calories, eating lots of veggies and we've kicked all sauces and condiments to the curb. It's nice to eat healthy, but every once in a while, you got stop and smell the cookies.

In garden news, I have lots of things growing - in addition to carrots and radishes, I have Sungold, Purple Cherokee and Green Zebra tomatoes - AND peppers both hot and regular. My zucchini looks really healthy and has produced a couple nice blossoms thus far. I'm really hoping that I can ward off any bugs that are bad news for squash, at least until I get a couple tasty squashes. I planted my Delicata squash sort of late in the game. It looks healthy, but there are no blossoms yet. I'm working on training up a trellis, because you can teach it to vine that way. We'll see how it goes.

And lastly, knitting news...I've finished my two Baby Surprise Jackets and I'm now working on Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater. Some of you may remember the February Lady Sweater that I knit for my friend Julie. That adult sweater is based on EZ's Baby Sweater. It's been a pretty quick knit thus far, my only challenge was relearning the gull pattern and that only took about 10 minutes. I've got the yoke and a sleeve and a half knit. I'd like to finish it by the week's end.

Gratuitous happy picture.

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