18 June 2010

Yarn Lust

Now that I've got veggies in the garden growing and I don't need to be thinking about potting, repotting or planting, that frees up a ton of my time! I'm going to try to get back to knitting more. Of course, I need to finish working on the sweater for the bearded giant. I haven't ignored it entirely, I've been knitting a bit here and there, but haven't made a whole lot of progress. Having to pull most of it out definitely sort of killed my will a little bit. Having cranked my way through 2 Baby Surprise Jackets has got me back in the mood for knitting.

I spent some time on Ravelry today looking at potential patterns. I've got a lot of single skeins of yarn that I'm like to use up. I'm trying decrease the stash as much as possible...especially since I've got yarn fever again. I am, at this moment, fighting the urge to go pick up some Cotton Ease in cool colors for a blanket or anything really. Something that I can just knit up quickly.

And then, in addition to the new things that I want to knit, there are the old standbys that have been on my queue for a long time.

Above, you can see some of the patterns that I'm lusting after and you can see below the names and links to them on Ravelry. I love thinking about all of the fun knitting projects out there.

Clover (top left)
Baby Kina (top right)
Lotus Blossom Tank
Pattern Green Home Slippers
Cable-Down Raglan (bottom left)
Shalom Cardigan (bottom right)


Grumpy Editor said...

Nice template design!

I'm glad you're enjoying "Buffy." I heart that show muchly.

Jadielady said...

I've got a Shalom Cardigan in very slow progress - if i can just force myself past the ribbing at the top, it'd finish pretty quickly... but ug ribbing with working the back loop is my DOOM!