26 July 2010


The giant and I are all over the place of late!  We spent the weekend in the Outer Banks - with no air conditioning.  It was Ellie's first time at the beach!  She had a blast, but there were SO many birds to tempt her, I'm sure it was also a little torturous. It was pretty hot this weekend, so we spent our mornings and evenings at the beach.

Sunday, we drove from Rodanthe, where we were staying, all the way up Route 12 until the road ended.  It was lovely.  When I was growing up, we went down to the Outer Banks nearly every summer.  Boy have things changed.  We mostly stayed in Ocean Sands, which looks nothing like it used to. We also headed to the Wright Brothers Memorial...which was slightly miserable.  It was very, very hot and very stagnant.  That meant that the giant climbed to the top himself while Ellie and I air conditioned the car for his return.

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