20 July 2010

Rye and Barley Breads

Despite the ridiculous heat, I had the oven going again this weekend, as I baked 2 weeks worth of bread as part of my cookbook testing duties.  The first loaves that I made were seeded rye bread, and the second loaves were barley bread.  The recipes were both very simple, but they called for high gluten flour, which is very difficult to find down here.  Other than that, I enjoyed making both.  Making homemade bread is ridiculously easy - it just requires that you're at home for at least half the day.

The rye has a great flavor and a great texture.  The crust is firm, but not hard and it yields to firm pressure. The crumb is even and the bread itself is chewy but also slightly airy.

The barley bread has nigella seeds in it, which give it a musty, salty taste, which remind me of the ocean.  The crust is VERY hard - like, if I threw it at a window, it might break the window, hard.  The crumb is nice and even and the bread itself is dense and chewy but pleasantly dense.

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