05 August 2010

Off to the farm...

This week is another short week at work for me.  In the summer, I often get to work from home, which I really enjoy.  It means I get to work from my couch in my pjs with my dog next to me, and that's pretty great.  No working from home this week.  I've got today and tomorrow off.  I love long weekends.  The giant and I are heading up to Fredericksburg tonight to visit with my good friend Ginny.  Sadly, her beautiful little girl will be asleep by the time we arrive, but I'm hoping to get up early and see her in the morning on Friday.  We're gonna hang around Fredericksburg for a little while on Friday and then head to Dulles to pick up Jiff.  A bunch of our college friends will be converging at a friend's family farm.  It should be an amazing time.  We get together once every summer for a weekend.  The past few years it's been at the beach.  Seems that we've lucked out this year - free accomodations, and our friend's mom is an amazing cook.  This is going to be like a weekend at a bed and breakfast!

I got up early this morning to put together some gifts for this weekend's hostesses.  Rye bread is it.

Much like last year, I celebrated my birthday with the giant.  We tried for a self-portrait again this year...with much the same results as last year.

We went to Second Empire, which is an amazing restaurant here in Raleigh.  The food was outstanding, the wine was amazing...and we loved our server, Walt. 

I was pretty excited to get a personalized copy of the menu signed by the chef. :)

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Grumpy Editor said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday! I hope you enjoyed it.