26 August 2010

Tart, tarte, tort, torte...

Last night, I finally got into the kitchen after a long respite away.  In addition to being too busy to spend hours slaving over my KitchenAid and my Cuisinart, it's been too damn hot to run the oven.

When I got home from work, I got to work on a nut torte.  The basic construction was a base of homemade shortbread, a layer of jam and then a fluffy almond bread on top.  It took a good long time to make each of the pieces of the puzzle, and I finished up just after midnight.  The end result was worth the baking battle though.  It's dense, moist and mildly sweet.  I had some for breakfast...as did most of my coworkers.  It was lovely with a cup of coffee.  The only concern I have that in addition to the 2 sticks of butter and 8 eggs - the finished product is made in a 9"x13" pan.  That is a lot of damn food.

I went ahead and brought some in to work, stuck some in the frig and some in the freezer.  I told my mom that I'd save her some for when she comes to visit in a few weeks.

And here's breakfast:

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