05 September 2010


Today has been a day of discoveries for me.

When I woke up this morning, I discovered that drinking a bottle of wine, a Mike's Hard Lemonade AND a 22oz bottle of Smirnoff Ice was a bad idea.  No matter how fun the bonfire that I went to was, that Smirnoff Ice was not a good idea.  It was a far superior idea to the 40oz Miller High Life that the other bonfire-goers were enjoying.

I also discovered that my body is not as spry as it used to be.  Yesterday, I endeavored to reseed my lawn.  About 10 minutes into my prep-work of lightly watering and using a cultivator to aerate the lawn, I discovered that I have less of a lawn and more of a rock quarry.  I continued the process of working to prep the lawn, but decided I should wait to reseed later this week.  Upon waking up, I discovered that not only does my back hurt from bending over, but my wrists and hands hurt from using the cultivator for a couple hours yesterday.

The broccoli, swiss chard and lettuce seedlings that I have to plant in my winter garden seemed well-placed on my kitchen floor, bathed in the sunlight streaming through my sliding glass doors.  I discovered that despite that ideal location, placing them there was a bad idea.  Ellie, my bad, bad English Setter, loves strawberries, tomatoes (she tried to steal my largest prized tomato right off the vine last week) and a variety of other veggies and fruits.  Apparently she likes her greens, as she tried to dive right into noshing on the swiss chard earlier today.

And lastly, I consulted the ciabatta recipe that I used when I last baked ciabatta for my birthday party.  I realized that although I did create a delectable bread, I completely mucked up the recipe.  It calls for 500 grams of flour and nearly that of water.  I knew that 500 grams of water was around 2 cups.  I assumed (VERY erroneously) that 500 grams of flour was 2 cups.  Oh, no, no. Grams, of course, are a weight-based measurement and cups, teaspoons, etc are volume-based.  So, here I am accurately following this recipe for Ciabatta: Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta Bread.  I am also going to make my mucked up version, which I will work to perfect a bit and then post on here as well.

As I said, it's been a day of discoveries...and it's only 11:30am.

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