13 October 2010

i heart mornings.

I love morning projects.  This morning, I contemplated recaulking the master bathtub, but decided that instead, I would install a hose hanger that I got at Lowe's a few weeks ago.  I purchased it right before they put up all of their Christmas stuff, totally eclipsing Thanksgiving in the process.  I sacrificed a shower (sorry coworkers) in favor of getting something done during daylight hours.  The days are getting shorter and it's hard to get things done in the evenings now.

I installed my hose hanger, which much to the dismay of my neighbors involved me drilling into my deck and then using the drill to set screws into it.  The hose is hung in it's place, and I feel good that I accomplished something.

I was also amazed that when I went down to the garden, I was able to harvest 2 cherokee purple tomatoes, 2 roma tomatoes (Ellie ate one and I ate one), a handful of sungolds, 2 radishes and 3 fish peppers. There are another 2 or 3 cherokee purples and probably a pint more of slowly ripening sungolds.  So much for it being autumn. Looks like my summer garden's going strong.

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