13 November 2010

Fall in Review

I've gotten really bad about posting to the little, old blog, haven't I?  Well, things have been busy.  Work travel, personal travel, weddings, bronchitis.  You know, same old, same old.

To fill in some of the blanks, to replace my beloved Honda, I got a Subaru Forester.  It's amazing.  In addition to having nearly no blind spots for me, it also has heated seats and an enormous sunroof.  Win!  It's super easy to just put Ellie in the back and take her for a spin.  She loves it.  So much more room and better visibility than the Honda.  She's a silvery beige that my mom calls "Greige."  I think she's on to something.

By now, the garden has mostly died off.  I picked off all of the green tomatoes and I'm hoping to make Fried Green Tomatoes tonight.  Should be delicious!  I can't wait.  I love them, but I've never made them before.  Still growing out there are some fall crops - mostly broccoli and swiss chard.  The broccoli looks awesome...the chard...not so much.  Right after I planted a bunch of stuff out there, we had some hellacious torential downpours for nearly a week straight.  That drowned a bunch of stuff, and what didn't drown was slightly damaged.

Also, since I last blogged, with the help of my mom and dear little Jiffy, I was able to actually dig up my entire front flowerbed and completely overhaul the soil.  I dug out all of the rocks and gravel (and rusty nails and Styrofoam cups).  I mixed some of the soil with compost and soil conditioner, and then I disgarded the remaining dirt that didn't fit back in the hole.  I also moved one of my miscellaneous little bushes and added a few things.  The front bed now has 4 coreopsis plants, 3 sedums, a dwarf fountain grass, an aster and a shit-ton of bulbs.  I planted grape hyacinths, alliums, fritillaria, anemones, naked ladies and surprise lillies.  There's going to be room for me to do some coleus and dwarf phlox once the spring rolls around.  And under the Bradford pear in the front yard, I planted snow drops, crocuses, bearded irises and some daffodils.  I can't wait for spring.

And below is a collage of what's been going on.  In the center, the giant and I in Boston at Fenway Gardens.  Starting in the top left corner and going left to right, row by row:
  • Church ceiling in Cambridge where my friends Sara and DT got married
  • Bee on Sweet Autumn Clematis in Fenway Gardens
  • What my front yard looked like for the better part of 3 weeks while I dug up the front bed
  • Goofiness at the Green Acres Corn Maze
  • More goofiness after we finished the corn maze
  • Mom and I at Trav & Kate's wedding reception
  • Tra & Kate at the wedding reception
  • Me dressed up for Halloween as a Freudian Slip
  • The Bearded Giant dressed up as Sweeney Todd
  • My carved pumpkin
  • My attempt at making the Cuban dish picodillo
  • And last, but not least, now that the giant is living with me...his cat lives here too.  And as you can see, Ellie and the cat seem to be getting along quite well.

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