28 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

Man, this past month has been incredibly hectic.  In addition to traveling for work and finalizing the giant's move into my little townhouse, we've also had a couple holidays and a killer party.  :)  The weekend before last, my mom came into town for our own little Christmas.  She came down last year right after I bought the house, so it was great having her here again on my house's birthday.

Mom and I in front of this year's tree.

I'd like to say that we relaxed while she was in town, but the truth is that we were crazy busy.  We had grocery shopping and cooking and baking and copious amounts of cleaning to be done before we were able to throw ourselves a holiday party.  The giant and I both invited a lot of people and surprisingly most folks came.  It was lovely.  We had just over 30 people on the 2nd floor of my house, crowding my kitchen, creeping up my stairwell and noshing on lots of different food bits.  The trooper that she is, my mom was able to kick it late night with us until nearly 3:00am.  We were all totally exhausted the next day - Ellie included.  The fun didn't stop there though - we also went to a killer hockey game (go Canes!) and for the first time in a while, the Canes actually did win.  As always, it was super sad to see her go, but I know she'll be back soon.

Opening gifties, our stockings (note the giant's on the left), our tree, mom and I at the hockey game!

This past weekend, the giant and I headed out to the mountains of Virginia to celebrate Christmas with some other family members.  Dad, his wife, their Boston Terrier, my uncle and my cousin were all around making merry with us.  We took Ellie with us, which was relatively stressful.  She doesn't do well with new people, large crowds, or other dogs - all of which she had to contend with.  She did love the large fenced in backyard that was available to her....and the deer poop that she found within.  Ew.

I wasn't sure what to expect, celebration-wise.  There wasn't a tree, but there was a fireplace.  There wasn't a Santa Claus, but there were lots of warm family opportunities.  We exchanged our gifts on Christmas morn, and I was very, very touched that my recently-widowed Uncle Joe, gave me a huge box of my Aunt Anita's knitting things.  The box was filled with wonderful yarns, scores of knitting needles and accoutrement that I've always wanted.  With some of the yarn were the patterns that Aunt Anita had intended to knit.  On the way home, I started knitting a swatch to start one of the sweaters that she had hoped to knit.  Before she passed away, I remember her lamenting to me how horrible it was to realize that your yarn stash would outlive you.  I hope that somewhere up there she can appreciate that she's reinvigorated my knitting and spinning aspirations.

The snow that awaited us upon our return!

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