02 December 2010

One of those weeks.

I hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I know that I certainly did. The giant and I spent turkey day eating with our neighbors J&J. Our turkey was grilled and we had a variety of delicious sides. For dessert, I made a Martha Stewart pie - Quince Slab Pie. It was really delicious. I followed the recipe almost exactly. After it was in the oven, I added some additional sugar and some cornstarch to the poaching liquid and came up with my very own quince caramel. It wasn't quite perfect, but it was damn tasty.

The giant and I had a second Thanksgiving alone together on Saturday. I spent the day dividing my time between cleaning, cooking and running some errands. At the end of the day, we had a turkey breast (stuffed with apples, onions, carrots, celery and ginger), gravy, mashed sweet potatoes with walnuts, roasted beets and brussel sprouts, cranberry cornbread stuffing and, of course, Apple-Cheddar Pie.

I do love cooking and baking. It's been a crazy busy week. There have been meetings, deadlines, scheduling meetings for travel, interviews, doctor's appointments...oh yeah...and all of the stuff that has to happen in the evenings once I get home. Thankfully, with the help of neighbors J&J, I'm shaking off some of this week's stress. After I'd just gotten in an altercation with a neighbor who lets her dog off the leash regularly (she argued that her dog wasn't dangerous, I argued that my dog didn't know her dog and I didn't know how Ellie would react - obviously, I'm wrong. Dogs should be allowed off leash.) and after Ellie went surfing in the litter for kitty crunchies, and after a very long day at work, I was glad to accept a dinner invitation to Dos Taquitos, especially since there's only some leftover turkey, some peanuts and a single bratwurst in the frig. I love that place.

This is one of those weeks that makes me anxious for Friday. Fridays are days to catch up on sleep, work, house work, cuddling, dog walking and baking. I can't wait for Friday.

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