19 January 2011

The Beginnings of Garden 2011.

This past weekend, my dad came to visit for a long weekend.  I'm pretty sure it's the longest we've spent together since 2001.  He drove down from Virginia along with some family furniture, Czechoslovakian crystal and other miscellaneous goods.  We had a great time moving furniture, visiting my favorite garden store and introducing him to my neighbor-friends.  I was sad to see him go on Monday afternoon, but I had a lot of tasks ahead of me.

The giant had been away for the better part of the weekend, and returned on Sunday with a stomach bug.  Quarantined in the bedroom, it left me ample time to do something I'd been hoping to do - namely, start my seeds for this summer's garden.  I know it seems early, but for peppers, basil, lettuce and tomatoes, it's just right!  I wanted to start early to give myself some opportunity for error.  If things don't grow, or don't look strong enough, I can always start another set of seeds, or if worse comes to worse, buy some seedlings.

Much to the dismay of the giant and my mother, I bought a grow light in December.  Right now, that grow light is helping me to start some chocolate habenaros, orange fogo chili peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, orange wonder peppers, red mushroom peppers, cherokee purple tomatoes, sun gold cherry tomatoes, borage a variety pack of basil and some oak leaf lettuce.  The bulk of those seedlings will get potted in larger pots once they've got some good leaves on them, but the basil and oak leaf lettuce are going to be put into pots to be grown indoors and to be consumed sooner rather than later.

I'm also going in with some neighbors to work to have a wide variety of different veggies this year.  I'm been blessed with a neighborhood full of amateur gardeners.

I'll keep you posted on the status of my seedlings!

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