11 January 2011

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

I seem to have reverted back to the early 2000's.  I spent the weekend watching the intermittent snow flurries, and watching Charmed (I know it's not good, but I like it.)  It was all for a good cause - I've been working diligently on the giant's Cobblestone.  Realizing, of course, that I started this sweater in the fall of 2009, I still feel the urge to finish this while it's still cold out.

I love this pattern.  It's such an easy pattern, and it looks like it's going to be so perfect for him.  The giant likes to wear button downs underneath sweaters, so I am hoping that it will get a lot of wear.  I'm finally done with my concurrently knitted sleeves.  After that, I am hoping that I can get it finished in a day or two.  Yay!

Now, I'm up in DC for work (new job!) and I'm looking forward to some stationary airport sitting time.  I've just joined the sleeves to the body.  It wasn't the most intuitive thing.  Thankfully, there were a few posts about it on Ravelry. I don't know what we knitters did before Ravelry.  What an amazing resource - all patterns, yarns and projects are cataloged and searchable!

I've managed to miss the snow in Raleigh...but I may not escape the related delays.  It looks like a ton of flights were delayed and canceled in and out of Raleigh this morning.  The snow is going to be hitting the DC area right around time for my flight home this afternoon.  I'm hoping I'll escape just before anything starts collecting here.

Wish me luck getting home!

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