02 February 2011

The Hockey Times

I'm almost glad the weekend is over...and I'm exhausted.  This was the NHL All-Star weekend in Raleigh.  The city was packed with NHL folks, with players, festivities, red carpets and overall hockey madness.  It was excellent.  Friday night, I went to a signing and got my Canes jersey signed by Tim Gleason.  Saturday, the giant and I went to the RBC Center for some of the red carpet festivities before we headed into the All-Star Skills Session.  The skills session was almost like a team bonding experience for Team Lidstrom and Team Staal.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  Of course, the actual All-Star game was on Sunday and while, Staal's team didn't win, they played a (mostly) good game.  As the giant and I kept saying, All-Star weekend is the only time that we'd ever consider cheering for a Bruin, Penguin or Cap.

Last night we went to the Canes/Bruins game.  And true to form...there was NO cheering for the Bruins.  Not when Chara shot a puck at Skinner's ankle, and not when they won the game. Miracle of miracles, Jamie McBain (who's been a bit of a disappointment to me this season) scored one of the two goals.  I'm pretty sure it was an accident.  I'm pretty sure it just happened to ricochet off his stick.  Whatever.  I'll take it.  I was amazed that the game was sold out - and I was psyched that we had awesome seats.

In other news, I am trying to tone down my plant-love.  Aside from having been accused of plant attachment parents and being called a helicopter parent, another friend (and blog reader) called my plants my pseudo children.  A brief update - they're all fine, healthy, and getting very tall.

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