21 February 2011


Four Fridays ago...maybe I shouldn't admit this here...after a margarita or two with a friend, I spent the later part of the evening repotting seedlings.  Some of my lovely little seedlings were finally getting large enough that it was time to move them over to real pots and real soil.  This is the first year that I started my seeds in a germination tray, so scooping them out and getting them into bigger pots was quite a process.

Then: Pretty little basils all in a row.

I was successful at getting them nestled into their 3" plastic pots, which had been soaked in a 9:1 water/bleach solution.  Not two days later, I notice a fine film of mold growing on top of each little patch of soil.  And not just on the little seedlings!  I also repotted some of my coleous rootings and they were moldy as well.  I was crushed!  Here, I've worked so hard to create strong and successful plants only to be thwarted by a mold that I can only assume came from unclean reused pots despite my having soaked them in bleach.


As I prepared for the drastic measure of repotting my recently repotted delicate seedling, I opened a second bag of Sta-Green Moisture Max.  The first bag had been completely depleted during Friday's repot-o-rama.  I open the bag to find that the soil is COVERED in mold.  COVERED.  WTH?  It wasn't expensive, but I really do expect more when I purchase things from Lowe's.  I realize that Lowe's isn't the best place to get everything, but for a place which many would consider their "go to" for gardening stuff this is crap.  Needless to say I was disappointed.

I was happy to attempt to turn my frown upside down.

On a whim, I did something I NEVER do.  At 10pm on a Monday night, the giant and I went to Walmart.  I hate Walmart [insert rant about destruction of small town America, killing of local businesses, etc].  Walmart had a GREAT organic Miracle Grown potting soil which was far higher quality than that Sta-Green shit.  (Don't get me wrong - I don't have a problem with Sta-Green, it's the improper storage of the soil that most likely lead to the mold problem. I blame Lowe's.)

In a tizzy, two weeks ago, on Monday at nearly midnight, I repotted 8 previously potted seedlings (sun gold tomatoes and borage), and I potted 6 cherokee purples and 3 basils.

Things are looking up in the Ninny-Giant household.  I'm happy to report that two weeks later, there's not a trace of that mold, or that Sta-Green potting soil...it got returned to Lowe's.

The seedlings have since been relocated upstairs to the office...and wrapped in a foil tent.  The giant is slightly embarrassed and has predicted that the neighbors think that I am trying to prevent aliens from reading my thoughts. But, no, that's not the case.  In fact, I am working hard to simply increase the light that my little green family is getting.  It's working too.  My tomatoes are huge and so is my lettuce!

Lovely foil tent!

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