01 March 2011

Beginning of blooms.

I'm not sure that I'm 100% convinced, but it seems like spring has hit North Carolina.  The weekend weather was wonderful.  Saturday, the high was 60s; Sunday the high was 81°; Monday, the high was 81°.  It's chillier today, and will get below freezing tonight.  That little taste of spring is definitely having a positive impact on me.

Sadly, I was under the weather this weekend, which what seems to have been the flu.  I missed work yesterday, and managed to sleep nearly all day.  It seems that while I was reliving my inner teenager, and sleeping the days away, the bearded giant, was busy helping me get ready for spring.  He started cleaning out the garage, which included boxes upon boxes of unorganized crap.  He made great headway getting through those and starting in on some housework.

While he was busy working around the house, I napped in bed...and here:

My ENO hammock was one of my favorite things that I added to my outdoor collection last year. While Ellie sniffed around the backyard and slept in the shade, I napped on my hammock. It was lovely. Listening to the birds was so relaxing. My only complaint about spending lots of time outdoors - with the redbuds in bloom, the forsythia on the verge of exploding and the Bradford pears just days away from creating snow covered tree tops, allergy medicine has become a necessity.

It's crazy to think that we've got flowering trees about to burst forth and some of our bulbs are hardly up.  Only in the sunniest of locations in the area are there some flowers blooming.  I've just started hatching some of my own:

You can see here that my crocus, galanthus, narcissus and irises are peeking through and in some cases blooming. Being surrounded indoors and outdoors by green is making me very happy!

Additional supplies that were recently added to my collection - pots, compost, window boxes, a blueberry bush, pansies and phlox. There were a fair number of additional spring-plant bulbs that made the ride home too.

The phlox got planted and looks springy and cheerful.  And the pansies are in window boxes to be hung from the deck!

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