17 April 2011


Today was a hell of a day in central NC.  A handful of tornadoes tore through the area, which was surprising and terrifying.  I thought that little Ellie would crawl up the walls, and that the giant's cat would never come out from under the bathroom sink.  We all did manage to weather the storm just fine, and I was thankful that I haven't put all of vegetables out in the raised beds yet.  They would have been damaged or drowned for certain.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a fellow Mary Wash English major for brunch, and then I'm planning to spend the day planting vegetable seedlings and coleus plants in the yard.

My frontyard has gone through several iterations of blooms.  I had snowdrops, the yellow crocus, then purple crocus and now daffodils.  Soon enough, there will be some Eye of the Tiger Dutchc Irises too.  Two out of my four coreopsis are preparing to bloom.  The phlox looks amazing.  I've a handful of fritillaria sprouting, as well as some lilies. There's no sign of my dwarf fountain grass regrowing, but I'm hopeful.

Crocus round one; round two and the daffodil.

In the backyard, I've got a lot going on as well.  I added another raised bed a while ago, with the help of my mother when she was last in town.  Now, I've got a good number of sugar snap sprouts coming up.  The might actually take over the yard if I'm not careful.  I've also got a number of good things happening in the backyard as well.  Clematis is blooming, climbing hydrangea is creeping all over the place.  I've got yarrow on the verge of blooming, some lovely lupines.

My hellebore hasn't bloomed this year, but the new growth is out of control.  It looks amazingly healthy, and I'm thrilled with it.

On the left, you can see the tiny sprouts. Several months later, those sprouts are taking over the world!
Last, but of course, not least, my lovely little strawberries.  So many blooms ready to turn into delicious little berries, which my dog will undoubtedly try to eat.

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