24 May 2011

Bad Dog

Apparently, Ellie has also learned to play with toys...

Ellie has been surprisingly good recently, despite the increased travel with my new job.  We boarded her a few weeks ago when we took a long weekend vacation.  I was concerned coming back to pick her up at the vet.  Normally, when I retrieve her from the vet, she won't speak to me.  I'm not delving into this too deeply - I mean it.  I put her in the back of the Subaru and she ignores me.  For a normally obsessive dog, that's quite the coup.  When I reach to pet her, she pulls her head away.  I have even resorted to getting Chik-fil-a, and had it turned down. TURNED DOWN - by a dog who eats everything, including 2 socks and a bra in the last week.

After my last long weekend away, I drove to the vet to pick her up with trepidation.  She'd been groomed, she'd been boarded and I'd abandoned her for 3 days.

Upon arrival, I chatted with the vet techs...who said that she'd been great on her stay.  She doesn't love to be groomed, but she seemed to enjoy the weather a lot more when shaved.  According to them, she made lots of doggy friends and spent lots of time romping around and playing.

What?!?!  Playing?  Happy?  Fun?  Well-adjusted?

I looked closely at Ellie...Were all her spots the same as before?  Had they substituted in a look-alike?  Was this really my dog?

On the way home, Ellie tried to cuddle with me from the back seat.  She snorfled and snuffled and pawed and nuzzled me.  We got home, and she was happy, energized and for once, very excited to meet other neighborhood dogs.  Since then, she's been as close to "normal" as we've ever seen that poor little shelter dog.  It's great.  The vet even suggested that we consider getting a second dog to keep her company...

Somethings never change...

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