13 June 2011

Knitter in the Weeds

My garden is out of control...and I believe has been finalized.  I won't need any more additions, that's for sure.  I've got 10 tomato plants in beds, 4 in pots.  I've got 10 hot pepper plants.  I've got 4 sweet pepper plants - and we just added 2 more sweet pepper plants.  I've got chives and basil galore.

This weekend, the giant and I rehabbed our last remaining raised bed and added to it a very tall azalea (more of a tree than a shrub), some dahlias, a gardenia, and an ajuga (we'll see how that goes, it's a bit of a weed).

Last night, for dinner, the giant and I had made homemade pesto out of nearly 4 cups of basil from the garden.  We also added some sugar snaps, an eggplant and some sweet peppers from the garden as well.  It was delicious!

In light of the garden being...well, finished and simply growing for the rest of the season, I've taken some time in the last week to get back into knitting.

On Wednesday, the giant and I went to see Mumford and Sons at the Raleigh Amphitheater.  There was quite a bit of idle sitting while the two openers played.  I thought to myself, "Next time, bring knitting."  Fast forward to Saturday, we found ourselves once again at the Amphitheater for the Decemberists show.  We had lawn seats, so we watched at a distance and I got started on a new knitting project.  I've spent so long working on the giant's sweater, that I was excited to try something smaller...and, obviously, more portable.  I started knitting Norah Gaughan's Anais, which one of my knitting friends knit a while ago and I had admired.  I am knitting mine in a mottled red color, which is called Lobster.  I'm happy to be getting back into knitting - if only a little bit.  I will be heading to NYC for work tomorrow and I'm glad I'll have a project to stick in my purse to carry along.  I also spent sometime figuring out where I was in the pattern for the giant's sweater last night.  I won't be carrying that with me to NYC - it's a bit to heavy these days.

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