02 August 2011

Ninny & Giant's Rhode Island Adventure

I've been gone from work for 7 days.  And I feel great.  I'll head back tomorrow...and I'm willing myself to feel refreshed and renewed and all that jazz.  However, the bottom line is that when I return from vacation, I'd really like to have a couple days at home reintegrating myself into reality.  I normally try to have at least a day on either side.  I had today off.  We flew home early from Providence, RI and headed straight to the vet where Ellie was boarded.  My first handful of experiences boarding her have left me weary come pick-up time.  This time and the time before have been strangely uplifting and reassuring...and just in the nick of time.  We arrived at the vet's and she was happy and well-adjusted when we got her back.  She wasn't the normal, nervous, stressed-out, soft-stooled girl that we'd gotten back.  No.  She's been fine.  In fact, I'm having some trouble typing around her sleeping, snoring head.

A few hours into the day, I got a call from my local branch of the English Springer Spaniel rescue.  They have a four-year old male named Bear who is going to be coming into foster care, and they needed a place for him.  According to them, he's sweet and kind and well-adjusted, but is coming from a family with some substantial health problems.  The bearded giant and I talked and we're going to foster him for a bit.  I think this will be a good trial for us to figure out if we want/can handle a second dog.

And a little more about our trip, we've just come off of a lovely vacation in Rhode Island.  We spent some time in Providence, Newport and the giant's hometown as well.  He also drove me all over the northwestern corner of the state...which took hardly any time at all...well, because it's Rhode Island.  Everything is fairly close.  The down-side of driving all over the place, my back is bothering me.  The upside - LOTS of knitting.  I'm finishing up working on a Norah Gaughan top called Anais.  I've started swatching for my next project.  Woo!  And, of course, I finished the giant's Cobblestone sweater.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was heading to Woonsocket.  We checked out an adorable knitting shop called Yarnia, which is in an old yarn mill.  Very neat.  I accidentally bought more yarn.  Damn.  I guess I can store it in the giant's pillow, as that's about the only place left to store stuff.

And, although we are close to my birthday, I was surprised when the giant's mother had a little soiree with delicious pastries and gifts.  The giant's father's birthday is also this month, so it was a nice little family-type celebration. The pastries were good - especially after crab cakes.  The bearded giant's mother (who is not bearded) made me a lovely shawl, which was put to good use on the freezing cold plane this morning!

I'll share some pictures once I've been reintegrated into real life.

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Becoming said...

Have faith. I believe that it will work out. Your love and others' love will get him to the right place. thank you for so sincerely trying.