27 October 2011

End of Season Harvest!

It's officially the end of the gardening season today.  Our HOA has sent folks over to pressure wash our back deck and fence.  I have no idea what they're washing with, but my guess is that it's not plain water.  We, of course, had to clear off our deck of the dozen container plants that were living up there - strawberries, tomatoes, lots of hot peppers, mint, eggplant, flowers and a handful of other things including furniture.  By we, I mean the giant.

With scissors, a bag and a sinus infection (that I've had since late September), I headed outside to harvest the last of our goods.  The corno di toro, orange wonder, scotch bonnet, thai orange fogo, red mushroom, rooster peppers have all recovered from the summer's heat.  They've gone into overdrive with production.  We just harvested a substantial bag full of peppers.  And the chocolate habaneros.  I'd started a couple of seeds last spring - one seedling went to the neighbors, one for us.  The neighbors has been incredibly healthy and has spent the summer trying to conquer the world.  Ours...was...less inspired.  Until now.  Fall has come and our chocolate habanero is spending time playing catch up.

As I surveyed the garden from the deck, as the bearded giant schlepped heavy metal patio chairs down to the yard, I realized a few things.
  1. I tried hard to manage my tomatoes differently this year and simply repeated what I'd done last year.
  2. I need to cut back on the cherry tomatoes in favor of some larger beefier tomatoes.
  3. I need to plan out my garden more carefully this coming year and grow a fraction of what I did this year.
  4. I need to pay attention to what my neighbor throws into my yard (in humorous way). I've got a whole additional tomato plant growing out of a planter on the fence.  And it's not one of mine.  I didn't really have any tomatoes that size that could have reseeded or started growing there.  They're MUCH bigger than the sungolds that surround it.
I'm not much of a fall planter, so this was it for us.  I'm sad that it's over, but as always, I'm excited to be back to knitting and planning for next year.  Hopefully, in my next post, I can share some knitted goods with you.  

As for the garden, next year, I'd really love to do some canning instead of having to consume all of those recently harvested goodies.  It's one thing if it's a pile of sungolds...it's another entirely if you know they are hot peppers that can make people weep.

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