02 November 2011

Cold Weather-Baking

In rapid succession, I've been taken over by all of my cold-weather hobbies.

First, crockpotting.

Second, knitting.

And now, baking.

Last week, I made some of one of my favorite breads from Inside the Jewish Bakery, for which I was a test baker two summers ago.  I've got a copy in hand, and yes, I am in the acknowledgements.  Woot!

This weekend, I made a spinach strata (which I've made before and love) from Smitten Kitchen.  But savory is always my thing.

Last night, for the first time in AGES, I started working on some sweets.  Prompted by the post of a Facebook friend, I decided that I should try the Apple Pie Cookies off of Smitten Kitchen.  Not to be out done, I even went so far as to use a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, which I think can definitely pass for an apple.  With the leftover pastry and apples, I made a tiny little apple pie.  Squee!  Even though I love baking, I hate getting my hands dirty...which is hard if you're working with dough at all.  I definitely missed baking, and I think the giant did too, but he never misses an opportunity to blame me for changes in his waistline.

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