21 January 2012

Value of Alone Time

The value of alone time isn't something that I've always appreciated.  As an only child, I longed for playmates and I always wanted more time with friends and family.  I suppose at the time, and truly probably until I lived alone, I felt I lead a lonely existence.  When I moved to NC, and for the first time really lived alone with few friends in the are, I gradually began to understand the value of alone time.  I crafted my own schedules and rituals.  No one cared if the house was clean or dirty, but I very much preferred it to be clean.  No one cared what was on the TV, what I'd cooked for dinner or if I stayed up too late listening to music.

I learned what most of my friends already knew - the value of alone time.

And now, here I am living with my bearded giant.  I travel A LOT.  That gives him ample alone time.  The travel, housecleaning, and general life stuff leave me feeling overwhelmed at times.

I am thankful for the times when I do get alone time.  When he goes out with friends, when I beat him home, and when I wake up before him.

In those times, I'm able to do the things that are important to me and to relax and think ahead to what my day should look like instead of being reactionary.  The last two nights and this morning, I have some time to myself to read, write, knit and bake.

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